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An emo kid that is completely obsessed with anime. Not always emo. Often over dramatic while making expressions, very loud, and sometimes physical (in expression.)

Symptoms of an anime emo.
Scruffy, or unkept appearance.
Constant carrying of manga.
Old anime T-shirts.
Very loud.
by The Real Cthulhu March 18, 2007
Pronounced sneek-lee-nis or sneek-uh-lee-nis. Either is just as acceptable as the last.

1. The ability to be sneaky, covert, or undercover.

2. The ability to sneak stylishly, often coming into close calls with being caught, but then charismatically escaping. Possibly pleasing an audience.
1. That dude has some insane sneakliness going on.
by The Real Cthulhu February 21, 2007

1. An item, person, or thing, capable of ganking over and over again.

2. Something with an extreme amount of something, be it destructive power, sneakliness, as long as it is awesome.

3. Absurdly cool, almost to the point of being stupid.
1. "Oh man! That gun is go Gankalicious!"

3. "Check out that Gankalicious haircut!"
by The Real Cthulhu February 21, 2007

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