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A three wheeled recumbent tricycle for adults. Made by WizWheelz in Kentwood Michigan.
"I rode a TerraTrike down the bike path today"
by The Real Chonk June 05, 2009
Nickname of guitarist for seminal punk band FAQ
"Dude look at Chonk shred!"
by The Real Chonk June 05, 2009
Seminal Kalamazoo Michigan based punk rock band. Originally named FA-Q (as in "Fah - Q" - get it?), the band recorded 5 records and toured extensively in the late 80's and early 90's.

Consequently, the name of the band precedes the new definition of FAQ to "Frequently Asked Questions".

They later renamed the acronym to mean "Foolish American Quartet".

The band consisted of Bob Klomparens, Jeff "Chonk" Yonker, Ron Muniz and Geoff Halsey
"Did you catch the bitching new album from FAQ?"
by The Real Chonk June 05, 2009
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