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The art of pausing shows or movies in an appealing way to your fellow viewers (can also be performed as a solo act, but it is more fulfilling when shared with others.) The paused screen is typically an especially absurd face or gesture, but is not limited to other pleasing images such as excessive cleavage or crotch shots. Some people are natural pause artists, but if you practice you can often hone your skill.
(Beth pauses Wendy Williams mid 'how you doin' to get something to drink.)

Jordan: That's a hilarious face.

Beth: I didn't do it on purpose, I'm just a natural pause artist.
by The Real Beth January 10, 2012
To 'bean bag' is to fart in a sleeping bag after a campfire meal that includes baked beans and hold the top closed with someone inside. If you're especially perverse, you may choose to close yourself in the sleeping bag to marinate in your own butt funk.

The camping version of a 'ditch oven.'
Jordan: That was a delicious meal, honey! ::FART!::
(Jordan quickly scrambles out of the sleeping bag and pulls it over Beth's head while she gags in horror.)
Beth: That's disgusting! Must we always do this when we're camping? I'm going to stop making beans if you cotinue to bean bag me every camping trip.
by The Real Beth January 10, 2012

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