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When visiting the bathroom in another person's house, and discovering a large amount of fine reading materials. This treasure trove can extend a bathroom visit longer than is helpful; i.e. missing the start of a meal or the opening twenty minutes of a movie.
Dude1: Dude where have you been? I'm not explaining what you missed in Inception; this film is complicated enough anyway.

Dude2: Sorry man, you've kinda got a Loobrary up there, I was catching up with Where's Wally.

Dude1: True...
by The Real Ben Deadman February 21, 2011
When emergency surgey is so urgently needed that there isn't even enough time to say the words in full.
The sort of thing Greg House would say.
House: This guy's pulmonary artery has been damaged. He needs emurgery stat!

Random Nurse: right away

Foreman & Chase & Cameron: :O
by The Real Ben Deadman March 21, 2011

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