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To be on the receiving end of a burning blumpkin.
I am always happy to be the blumpkee, as long as I get to bust a benni
by The Real BDP February 26, 2008
To smoke a cigarette, blunt (preferably blunt), joint, pipe, or bong while receiving dome while your dropping a D.

An extra ten points are awarded to the blumpkee if they bust in the woman's eye or on her brown ring.
The Real BDP -"Yo, I was so faded when I was coping a burning blumpkin the other night from that shawty with the mangled titties."

Someone in the T station -"That shit is gross"

The Real BDP- "Nah, it's legit. I got an extra dime cause I busted on her brown ring."
by The Real BDP February 26, 2008

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