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1. that feeling you get when you're full and slightly nauseous and you burp and you can taste the partly digested food in the back of your throat.

2. Product released by the same company that is supposed to restore that illustrious injection-molded sheen to those gaping holes they call shoes.

(source: www.thebestpageintheuniverse.com under fashion tips.)
About an hour after our thanksgiving meal my cousin turned green and exclaimed, "Nasty...croc-butter!".
by The Rabblerouser October 31, 2007
Someone who was way late to the party...and finally has a Facebook.

This can be demonstrated by them asking to be your friend, and upon approval they start spewing forth unwanted comments, videos, and app garbage all over your in box. Not to mention the random Facebook live messages.

"Dude, you'll never guess who I heard from last night...Seth. He was being a total Fresh-Bookie. Sending me messages, popping up with Facebook Chat and writing all over my wall...what a douche"

by The Rabblerouser April 30, 2009
That one guy/girl who you barely know (maybe you had one class with them, in middle school, and you don't remember them ever saying anything to you, and you only ever heard them speak...once) you accepted a friends request from them and then they randomly comment on an update that you post on your facebook even though you never actually talk to them.
Whoah, that kid with the crutch in Physical Science Freshman year just Facebook Sniper'd me!"
by The Rabblerouser April 30, 2009
The result of sitting around smoking pot all the time. You end up being oily, covered with acne, and you smell like old feet.

Usually from a combination of not bathing or shaving...girls are also susceptible to Hash Face.
"That dirty hippie is such a Hash Face"

"Whoah, have you seen Laura?! She's just been sitting around with Steve toking up all the time...she has a chi
by The Rabblerouser April 30, 2009
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