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1 definition by The RS

A degenerate form of Ephebophilia, a "Sex Dwarf" is an underage male, usually between the ages of fourteen and sixteen, who willingly participates in homosexual sex acts (e.g., orgies) with older males over the age of twenty.

The resulting sexual acts often include bukkake, among other things, and are always done with the consent (often enthusiastic) of the boy in question.

"Sex Dwarves" are always boys with large gential endowments, despite their age, and are valued for being "innocent" and young.

Use of boys as "Sex Dwarves" is occasionally found in dominant practitioners of BDSM, where the "Sex Dwarf" in question is always the uke ("bottom"), and are often the subject of extreme forms of humiliation (e.g., being put on a leash like a dog).
"They all love your
Miniature ways --
You know what they say
About small boys..."
Soft Cell, "Sex Dwarf"
by The RS October 18, 2007