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A combination of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter paired with the director Tim Burton When Burton decides to direct the next goth turned remake one or more of these leads collaborate and the auidence knows what to expect

Johnny Depp= extremly crazy, silly, very strange, or drugged induced character.

Helena Bonham Carter= Prize witch, rebel animal,corest queen, loose female lead, big headed queen
Films containing all or part of the Tim Burton Trio:

Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street.
Depp in Wonderland, oops "Alice" in Wonderland
Corspe Bride
Plante Of The Apes
Big Fish
Edward Scissor Hands
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Sleepy Hollow
by The Quest February 19, 2010
A British person who is black with racial identity troubles

Niggabritz are named so because they are like tie dyed oreo cookies. They appear to be nice and proper in pubic when really they are devious,mean, and hood in private. Niggabritz usually have strong British accents. Generally they switch their culture identity a lot. It's hard to figure them. Is it yah Nigga or le brit?
" The Niggabrit went all crazy on James when he offered her a cup of tea. She wanted Koolaid instead"
by The Quest February 05, 2010

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