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Marvelous full combo, a term used in Dance Dance Revolution. It's like a FC but instead of the combo consisting of Perfects and Greats, the combo consists ENTIRELY of Marvelous. It's a very difficult feat.
Konami can't wait for for X2 to die down and they already announced a NEW DDR, god they are so impatient for us to MFC AAA Valkyrie dimension (if that ever happens.)
by The Pz Kid June 29, 2012
Often used in first-person shooters, a pz is basically a one shot headshot. Abbreviation for "easy peasy". Pz's are usually achieved through extreme luck or extreme skill.
Player 1: "Put away that usp you're not going to kill me with it"
Player 2: *aims for Player 1's head across the map and fires one round*


Player 2: "Ohhh, pz!"
by The Pz Kid October 05, 2012
A really foul fart.
"Dude, do you have the farts or something? Keep it under the covers, I don't want a peanut butter and smelly."
by The Pz Kid November 13, 2011
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