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Stands for "One Big Happy Weasley Family."
Most sickening ship ever to sail in the world of Harry Potter. It supports romance between Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny.

Because after all, in the end, they all have to be family!!!!11one!! <3333 And if a family isn't a big, happy WEASLEY family, well then it just isn't right!

Also suggests that the character Ginny's ONLY importance in the series was to be a Weasley with whom Harry could be thrown off in order to make room and set the stage for Ron and Hermione's big shining moment: when they stop arguing and hating each other enough to realize that they're in LUV!!!1! Because, after all, the Harry Potter series isn't about triumphing over evil, nor is it about a boy named Harry Potter! It's REALLY all about Ron and Hermione! What were YOU thinking, fool? Did you really think that Harry Potter was about Harry Potter??? Wrong!

THAT, my friend, is OBHWF. Which is why you should never ship it. Ever.
real fan: Did you read the Deathly Hallows yet?
OBHWF fan: Deffff!!!! Of course I did! Were you feeling the R/Hr LUURRRV or WHAT!
real fan: Uh, actually, the part where Harry--
OBHWF fan: Who's Harry?
real fan: You know, the main character, Harry...?--
OBHWF fan: Are you some kind of idiot?! He got with Ginny AGES ago. Which obviously renders him obsolete. Now, back to Ron and Hermione...
by The Pumpkin Mozie August 04, 2009

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