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Social Conservatism-The belief that other than evil religions that religion and religous values shouldn't be abolished. They uphold the beliefs and morals of the 3 major religions in the USA.

Fiscal Conservatism-The idea that capitalism works, and people have a right to their money & that people who don't work also don't have a right to it. Idea that government shouldn't rob it's hard working citizens and give it to bums.
A.K.A. Capitalism

Foreign policy conservatism- the idea that freedom and life are worth fighting for, and oppression, communism, and dictatorships are worth fighting against. They also realize that it makes a lot more sense to attack enemies when they're weak rather than when they're strong(ex. Bill Clinton is not a foreign policy conservative, he's to blame for 9/11). They know America the most amazing country in history and that will ever be is worth fighting for.

Immigration-They believe that criminals that cross our borders don't deserve a reward for breaking international laws. But they do however support that foreigners(some) deserve the American dream.
Conservatism is for people who are on God's side, the side of economics, and America's side.
by The Proud Conservative September 16, 2008

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