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An alternative to Lad or Bro, Fella is a term used to refer to a male who enjoys high level banter.

Tending to be used more amongst eductaed circles and possiby originating in Oxford as a variance on the term Fellow, the term has gained particular popularity in recent years at The Queen's College, Oxford from which it has become widely used across the University.

Fellas will constantly refer to each other as 'Fella' rather than by name and will be able to distinguish different meanings from the word Fella by the way the word is pronounced.

For example 'F-hell-a', said in a more drawn out manner will often be used to suggest a particularly fella-ish fella or an impressive feat, often involving drinking alcohol.

There are various pre-cursors to the term Fella which may be used to refer to different types of Fella. These include Big Fella, Lil' Fella, True Fella and Alpha Fella.
Q: What sort of lad is he?

A: He's a Fella.
by The Prince of Wandsworth March 11, 2010
The leader of a group of Fellas. The Alpha Fella is looked up to and respected by all. He will occassionally lead the other Fellas on a huge night out confirming his status as the Alpha Fella.
Q: Who's leading that group of Fellas?

A: The Alpha Fella.
by The Prince of Wandsworth March 11, 2010

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