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5 definitions by The Prez

A word used by the yeewwww cryeewww to invoke stoke and awesomeness amongst the yeewww community.
The Prez Cunt Cuntoxson was happy with proceedings so he belted out a yeeewww
by The prez December 17, 2013
5 0
a short person that is incredibly wide and takes up half a hall way
I was almost crushed by that mini fridge after lunch.
by The Prez March 17, 2007
12 7
-to ditch close friends for people you just met
-to intend to be a kanofka
Ashley is funging it with Mike.
I can't beleive the bitch is funging it.
by The Prez April 01, 2007
6 2
To make plans with old friends and lie to hang out with new friends.
To intentionaly hurt an old friend emotionaly.
The bitch is ashing it, all she had to do was tell the truth, not lie.
by The Prez April 29, 2007
5 2
to shit into a plastic bag for use in a prank
Matt is bagging it to get payback.
I feel bad for who ever gets it.
by The Prez March 17, 2007
8 5