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creepy, iffy, fairly unsafe, an air of uncertainty, not kosher, and just generally something or someone that you don't want to be associated with (or really do want to be associated with, depending on who you are...)
1. That guy staring at me is really sketchy.

2. This Waffle House is really sketchy.

3. I don't know if I like Steve's driving--it's kinda sketchy.
by The President April 04, 2005
sketchy sketchy restuarant that is defined by it's sketchiness. has a certain culture about it: "great" coffee, hasbrowns scattered and smothered, and the classic waffle. frequently visited in the middle of the night by drunk and/or high college students.
"What is there to do at 2 am around here? Let's go to Waffle House!"
by The President April 04, 2005
A highly regarded individual who is always respected by motor racing figures.
If you see a man with a metal thing over his head, he's likely to be called Fransson
by The President October 11, 2003
5000 foot shark penis and does not give blowjobs, thanks.
damnimrob does not do blowjobs, but mr. campbell does. And his head shakes a lot.
by The President September 07, 2003

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