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Any situation in which a short but large Asian man, offends, hurts the feelings of, disrupts, is entirely inconsiderate of anyone in his presence regardless of race, creed, age, sexual orientation or religion.

Note: Lee Time may or may not require the consumption of alcohol.
"It's Lee Time"

Dude don't ring the gong, you may spontaneously cause a Lee Time!
#asians #lee #gong #time #offensive #crazy
by The Predicament July 03, 2011
One who has a small male sexual organ. Also known to be a braggart, fiend, sexual deviant, cleptomaniac, bad tipper, and a red head.
Hey Ursula why do you keep going out with that dude? He is such a chode and he looks like a genetically altered aardvark.
#chode #deviant #aardvark #braggart #small penis
by The predicament August 24, 2014
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