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"The Shady MilkMan": Is the man that is taking care of your Wife (or Girlfriend) while you are overseas. While he is taking care of her she is taking care of him with all of the money that you have earned from the ( Enter any Military Service here, except the Coast Guard). The shady Milk Man has often been referred to as a "Smooth Operator", " Jody", "Slick Willy", "Bad Motor Scooter", "Sancho", and "Tyrone".
Preach: So did you hear about my wife Brittani?

Money: Yeah I hear she got knocked up by "The Shady Milkman" while you were gone!
by The Preacher 478 February 02, 2010
"The Roommates": The grandparents (or parents) of a male that constantly braggs about his sex life who moves back in with his Grandparents (or Parents) and they have more sex than he does. This generally occurs after the male moves out of his Grandparents (or parent) house, lives with his friends, and later returns to live with his grandparents (or parents). The parents or grandparents are then considered "The Roommates".
Preach: why do you look so tired Ears?

Ears: because i was up all night to the sound of "The Roommates"!
by The Preacher 478 February 02, 2010

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