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A form Dry humping in which the victim is fumbled around abusively and then tossed over to the side. While the person who gives you the Akon runs

I just pulled an Akon on my sister girlfriend
by The Poppo June 11, 2007
A Crunk rappuh' who's inspirashun comes fum his boy 50 Cent and Recon' he da damn greatest rappuh' alive. When in reality he be one uh de wo'st rappuh's in histo'y. He Even Makes Kevin Federline seem likes some baaaad asss rappuh'. He's lives wid his moda' which be not crunk and he gots baaaad rhymes and terrible beats. His music be plum a bunch uh de samedin'.

Person 1: Crank ta Soulja Boy Crank da Soulja Boy do tha superman

Person 2: Hey What are you singing

Person 1: I'm rappin' dat beat fum Soulja Boy
Person 1: Crank ta Soulja Boy Crank da Soulja Boy do tha Superman

Person 2: It there more to that song

Person 1: No man. Damn homie ah' cant believs ya' gots listen t'dis beat its only de greatest rap beat ever

Person 2: Why

Person 1: Cuz Soulja Boy be crunk

Person 2: yeah. Right Soulja Boy ain't crunk and he's defiantly not a rapper he's a just a poser and just in the game for the girls and the money. He doesn't care about you. Plus he still lives with his mom and dad which is not crunk or gansata. In the words of Soulja Boy's idol "You not gangasta you a wankasta


Person 2: Typical.
by The Poppo June 11, 2007

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