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The act of hiding one's penis in popcorn, so that when someone else reaches for a handful, they are instead grabbing a meaty surprise. This is often accomplished when a couple is at the movies, since the victim's focus is on the film instead of what he or she is reaching for.

When using a popcorn bag (or cardboard bucket), it is easiest to cut a hole in the bottom and insert the erect penis into it, effectively camouflaging the weapon. A more difficult method is with a bowl, in which the penis must simply be laid across the diameter of the bowl.
"Dominic and I were watching March of the Penguins last night, and when I went to reach for the Redenbacher's, he got me with the old penis in the popcorn trick again! I got a different buttery, salty snack than I was hoping for."
by The Popper March 03, 2009
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