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1 definition by The Ponz

Usually "The Dust". Similar to the "Cloud", but doesn't function reliably; mainly internal in the corporate world but also impacts standard users. Also, the unseen IT department responsible for maintaining the network and information.
Jim: Hey, John, is your file sync working? The boss told me he needed this presentation uploaded by 2 pm...
John: No, it's been down all day. There was an e-mail saying it was fixed, but it looks like The Dust is up to their usual high standards!

Maria: Tina, how come you didn't comment on my status? I totally thought you'd have something to say...
Tina: I haven't been on Facebook all day, looks like Zuckerberg's Dust is planning another annoying update we'll all have to get used to.
by The Ponz July 22, 2012