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The distant cousin of the dirty sanchez, The Mark Sanchez (or as it is also known, The #6) involves a dude anally plowing his gal and then pulling out in order to wipe shit under her eyes to achieve the 'eye black' football player look. After your girl looks like she is ready to throw that game winning touchdown pass, finish off by spraying cum all over her face and head like a celebratory bottle of victory champagne while yelling touchdown.
"Man last night I gave her The Mark Sanchez and afterwards she felt like a champion!"

"I gave her the old #6 and made her look like Mark Sanchez"
by The Pink Manther August 27, 2009
Similar to the dirty sanchez, the Groucho Marx takes this ever popular anal move one step further. With the Groucho Marx, one takes his shit covered finger and applies a heavy coat of fecal matter to his lovely lady friends' eyebrows and then in the same move takes his shit covered dick giving her a poo-stache. After your gal has achieved the full Groucho Marx look, the gentleman can proudly exclaim "A woman is an occasional pleasure, but a cigar is always a smoke!"
"You think my girl looked good with a dirty sanchez? Wait till ya see when I Groucho Marx'd her!"

"Honey, I'm not in the mood for all the Marx brothers, do you think tonight you can just Groucho Marx me?"
by The Pink Manther August 25, 2009

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