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11 definitions by The Pigfarmer's Grandson

A phrase used by a spouse or significant other who is incapable of admitting they find another person truly handsome, beautiful, or sexually attractive.
Well, I guess that guy over there is objectively attractive but I don't find him interesting.
by The Pigfarmer's Grandson October 03, 2009
Any of a number of possible repellers or absorbers (i.e., a sheet of plastic wrap, towel, T-shirt, underwear, magazine, etc.) that is placed on a laptop keyboard to protect it from ejaculate when one is having video sex with an online partner.
I was videosexing with my girlfriend on Gchat, so I snatched my boxers for a keyboard condom over so it wouldn't short out after I screencreamed.
by The Pigfarmer's Grandson April 11, 2010
A gringa (white female) who desperately wants to be or be taken for a Latina. Often seeking out the company of Latino gang members or drugs dealers (thus the "juana-be" suffix instead of the standard "wannabe") to further the image. See "Weeds" on Showtime for a popular fictional example.
That chick over there in the sequined shirt calls herself Juanita, but her real name is Joanne and she's from the suburbs. She's just another latinajuanabe looking to steal one of our men.
by The Pigfarmer's Grandson October 24, 2009
Removing oneself from all social networking sites, closing out all of one's e-mail accounts, using a nontexting cell phone or analog phone. Essentially ending all possibilities of internet communication with you by electronic means by committing WEBICIDE. Not to be confused with those individuals who have committed actual suicide and live-streamed or you tubed the act online.
X shut down his Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Linked In, and all e-mail accounts to start the process of webicide. X will only communicate with others by using an analog telephone, snail mail, and in person.
by The Pigfarmer's Grandson September 24, 2009
A typographical error made while using thumbs only to text mesage. Similar to a typo, or typographical error.
Did you mean to write guck you? No, sorry, that was a thumbo.
by The Pigfarmer's Grandson October 03, 2009
To ejaculate at one's computer screen while having videosex with a partner or while masturbating to any image, sound, or text appearing on your screen. (verb) The ejaculate that lands on one's computer screen while having videosex or masturbating to content on one's screen. (noun)
I was online watching my girlfriend go at it with a Duke and Duchess, and I finished off with a mighty screencream just as she was peeling herself off the ceiling.
by The Pigfarmer's Grandson April 11, 2010
An internet site or presence that is more significant than an ordinary web"site." A complex website that offers myriad opportunities for cross-communication and fertilization of new ideas, concepts, constructs, and philosophies.
I just spend seven hours in the chat rooms of the hallway of hackers on the Everythinginexistence.com webplex.
by The Pigfarmer's Grandson August 24, 2010