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when a friend shows you his ass hole at an unexpected time.
"holey fucking ass... did you just give me the dirty cyclops?"

"yes i did.. did you not like it?"
by The Pi Guy17 September 25, 2009
to have a homeless man help you masturbate, and during your climax said homeless man takes a shit on your chest
Bill: "OMFG!!! that johnstown jackoff was the best"

Jerry: "ya thank god he was a semi-clean homeless man"
by The Pi Guy17 September 25, 2009
person whom you do not know, whom is acting foolishly.
Driver:" this guy in front of me is being a real jimmy jackass"

passenger:" ya i know he is swerving all over the road and doing like 35 WTF man!"
by The Pi Guy17 January 28, 2011
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