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3 definitions by The Pharaoh

adj. so large as to be incomprehensibly fucking enormous and quite fucking bigger than gigantic
The extent of the idiocy of george bush is gifuckinormulous.
by The Pharaoh September 15, 2005
1. an expression of distaste
2. one who has failed to achieve the level of a fuck, but who has not succumbed to being a fucktard
3. one who is complacent in all regards
4. one who is terrible in bed
5. to sodomize
1. Shityfuck!
2. Bob is such a shityfuck.
3. see 2
4. Damn, she was a shityfuck!
5. You sure do gots a purdy mouth.
by The Pharaoh September 15, 2005
verb meaning in military terminology 'to place in a container.' In actuality however, it means 'to transform into a container.'
Containerize that landmine, fucktard!
by The Pharaoh September 15, 2005