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9 definitions by The Phantom

male homosexual
What an ass bandit
by The Phantom July 16, 2003
vigorus sexual activity.
your momma bent over to pick up some chitlin and I went to town on that ass.
by the phantom May 23, 2004
A few days after a junkie kicks heroin, all the crap stored up in his colon rushes out in a hard bolus, which rips his asshole open as it screams out. The bloody bolus is known in junkie circles as a "Yenshee Baby."
Man, my ass ring is bleeding after passing that Yenshee Baby.
by The Phantom July 16, 2003
male ejaculate
She gobbled up my penis snot
by The Phantom July 16, 2003
To beat unmercifully
"Nigga, I thrapped ma belt all up in that wanksta's mouth good."
by The Phantom April 23, 2003
a "late in the evening" sex act where four strapping young lads in bowler hats "go to town" on a drunk or unconscious slapper.

usually conducted in an upmarket apartment or hotel room, a move popularized by late 1960's swinger "Peter Howitt"
last night me and the fellas met this east side slapper, so we took her back to the Mayfair poking palace and showed her the peter howitt.
by the phantom May 23, 2004