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2 definitions by The Petri Dish Kid

A 3 member band (since 2002) consisting of lead singer Jason Wade, drummer Rick Woolstemhulme and bassist (new for their 3rd album) Bryce S.

They're a really good adult alternative rock band with meaningful lyrics and nice songs.
"Hey, are you getting the new Lifehouse album?"
by The Petri Dish Kid April 04, 2005
A type of pigeon that looks like a cross between a dodgy killer Llama and a bald Californian Eagle and gets made fun of by me all the time.

*Please note that there's a real animal known as the Wigeon which is a form of a duck.
Join the Wigeon club and get your free authentic Wigeon feather! Membership is free of charge!
by The Petri Dish Kid November 03, 2005