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4 definitions by The People's Republic of Georgia

Adorable lion living in Georgia. Also answers to 'sebbums' and 'gee-hoff'
I once saw sebby at the mall. My heart nearly burst!
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Born in Utah, not much is known about this mysterious being. A creature known as a 'Ahdryl', he is known to occasionally exhibit jealousy.

Good cook.
"You're heading to Utah? You should meet up with Renkairu!"
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Verb: The act of having your submissions rejected.
Looks like you were girtygrined
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Smackdown vs RAW, a game played primarilly by horny young boys. Or at least that's what the developers believe, since many potential game modes were left out in order to have online-capable "bra and panty" matches.
"EXCUSE ME?! SOMEONE CALL NINE ONE ONE!!!! The only place you see carnage like this is on SMACKDOWN(tm)!"
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