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Aliases: Thomas Jones, Tom Jones, Infinite, MC Bilbo Baggins

A convicted child rapist masquerading as a rapper on the internet, luring kids into his basement with the promise of candy and booze.

In 2002, he registered on the IGN message board; known for his retarded antics, Bilbo decided to become a rapper by recording and then uploading amatuer songs with his Socom headset onto the site, Soundclick. From there on out, he changed his name to the generic 'Infinite' and touted Third Time's the Charm. (his imaginary album that will propel him to legendary status, as he is willing to "die for his words" and will, indeed, change the world)

For the next three years, he did several things:
- dropped out of college to follow in the footsteps of his deadbeat dad
- lured around or more than twenty six kids into his basement
- ignored any form of dental hygiene
- began an obsession with John Lennon, reminscent of Charles Manson and The Beatles
- shortly became a World of Warcraft addict, leveling multiple characters up Level 60
- continued with the promise of Third Time's the Charm, three years on (despite not getting anything even started until mid-2006)
- moved from Soundclick onto MySpace, where he touts how unique he is (along with the 60 million other people registered on MySpace)

If you see this man, be warned. He is at large and will roll "five cars deep" incoherantly rapping his dreck.
Infinite...2003: Third Time's the Charm will be released June 11th, 2006.

Infinite...2003: whats ur name? will you come to my basement?

Infinite...2003: I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.

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