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1 definition by The Penis Bandit (Winters)

A penis bandit is someone who strikes with dicks when no one is around. There is a fine distinction between one who will draw penises for pleasure and one who sets a greater purpose to each shlong he draws. The more crafty and devious penis bandit is a person unbeknownst to the victim. The more mischevious penis bandit will strike psychological fear into the mind of his victim. There is often times a greater purpose to each shlong sent to the victim. The true craft of a penis bandit is unknown until s/he chooses to reveal their intentions.
Ross: Who's drawing all these elaborate penises?
Bundas: It's the penis bandit!! They drew a catfish penis! What the fuck!
Mike: Yo, that's meth!
Tyler: I wonder who it could be guys??
Dave: Bet it's that Trinni I live with!
by The Penis Bandit (Winters) March 25, 2010