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5 definitions by The Paul

To be in the process of having a good day (See also, Chillin)
Wassup my nigga?
Just boobin' dawg.
by The Paul March 25, 2004
14 8
another word for "more exact".
To be exacter, the time is 4:10:59 PM EST.
by The Paul June 28, 2004
2 1
a combination of sorta and kinda to mean "somewhat like" or "a little bit"
I'm sorta kinda crazy.
by The Paul June 28, 2004
8 8
Insult, much like fuckwagon, except it implies that the insulted is more of a retard than a fucker.
"Friggin' tardwagon."
by The Paul April 06, 2005
2 5
Toss up bitch, as in a girl that you will do anything you want sexually
"yeah she ate my asshole, she's a T.U.B"
by the paul March 15, 2005
1 5