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To be in the process of having a good day (See also, Chillin)
Wassup my nigga?
Just boobin' dawg.
by The Paul March 25, 2004
a combination of sorta and kinda to mean "somewhat like" or "a little bit"
I'm sorta kinda crazy.
by The Paul June 28, 2004
another word for "more exact".
To be exacter, the time is 4:10:59 PM EST.
by The Paul June 28, 2004
Insult, much like fuckwagon, except it implies that the insulted is more of a retard than a fucker.
"Friggin' tardwagon."
by The Paul April 06, 2005
Toss up bitch, as in a girl that you will do anything you want sexually
"yeah she ate my asshole, she's a T.U.B"
by the paul March 15, 2005
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