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This occurs when a student makes a comment in class in attempt to make him/herself seem smarter than everyone in the class as well as the professor. However, the comment is then shot down as utterly false by the professor thereby humiliating the student as he/she then tries to recover by using advanced vocabulary and a pompous tone even though he/she is inevitably digging his grave of shame deeper and deeper all to the class's enjoyment.
The kid thought he was being smart and showing off his advanced knowledge of chemistry when he referenced the noble gases as completely inert and unable to bond with any other elements to the entire class. The professor then PAM Smacked him, and said that Xenon, a noble gas, can and does bond with either 2, 4, or 6 Fluorine atoms.
by The PAM Smack May 03, 2010
It is the act done following sexual intercourse when the male sticks his male genitalia within the confines of a creamy peanut butter jar to bust a nut in. The male then uses his trouser snake to mix in his seed with peanut butter. The treat is then topped off with the male placing bread around his peanut butterfied genitalia for his female counterpart to enjoy following a passionate round of intercourse.
After coming home from a long day's work, my woman gave me the ride of my life. I decided to fix her up a Peanut Butter Bliss after as a reward.
by The PAM Smack January 20, 2010

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