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When your lover takes a chicken snacker from KFC and dips it in ranch dressing, then proceeds to stick it up your ass in a fashion most unnatural. I've heard rumours that people will go as far as to remove the snacker after sticking it in the anus and eating it...there are many different ways of acting out this sex move that includes goats, cherries, pawakeets, chamums, and burgers from fat burger. I couldn't figure out where the word D-howes originates from but I believe it's a street in Kelowna, BC where the word originated from. Of course the idea of sticking a food item in your ass-hole is highly impossible, but I tried it and although it's sloppy it is most lovely. My girlfriends ass tasted most delicious after doing it. We know d-howes chicken snack twice a week.
Yesterday, I gave my wife a D-Howes Chicken Snacker, and we had to shower afterwards as it was a huge mess.
by The Ownenator January 02, 2010

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