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A cross joint, otherwise known as the crossroads, is a joint with three smoking ends. When made the joint should form the shape of a cross (yes it is a little sac-religious), or a crossroad for you catholics out there. Using either three lighters with two or more people, you can spark this joint up and enjoy.
In order to make one must roll half of a large papered joint leaving the end open, to allow further packing. Then take another long paper and roll your second and third joints. These two joints should have no roach, in fact it should look like a long tootsie roll. after twisting both ends, cut two small holes in the center of the 2 and 3 joint. then cut two holes into the first joint. Push the 2 and 3 joint into the holes of the first joint. Once the holes of the 2 and 3 joint cant be seen finish packing the first joint. Take some of your extra paper and tear off a few gummed strips. Seal this new age classic and prepare to smoke!
In the new movie the Pineapple Express, with Seth Rogen and James Franco, one can see the cross joint in full effect. There is a clip online at YouTube.
by The Other Mongoose January 04, 2008
A version of Arabians Acrobats (see for details). This variety of AA is that the cups are now back to back.
I got wasted off that game of close quarters.
by The Other Mongoose March 14, 2010
This is a drinking game similar to quarters. It is a two player game (varieties are encouraged), and you play with two cups. Each player places their cup straight and align (player cup cup player). There should be a gap between cups. Each player recieves equal amounts of quarters. After choosing who goes first, players start shooting quarters one by one. If you make a quarter in your opponents cup you get to shoot until you miss. Once you miss your turn is up and your opponent shoots. If you make your own cup your opponent gets two shots their turn (regardless of missing). When you run out of quarters empty your cup and use those quarters. Drink everytime a quarter lands in your cup. The first person to get rid of all of their quarters wins.
Matt totally whooped Tom at Arabian Acrobats.
by The Other Mongoose March 14, 2010
Anything to do with your cock (fuck, suck, grab, punch, kick, etc.)
Hey bitch!, pub my cock
by The Other Mongoose November 13, 2008
An L(Dutch) that is huge. Up to one inch in diameter.
Hey man, smoke this chubby with me. I can't finish it myself.
by The Other Mongoose May 10, 2008

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