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2 definitions by The Original Taterbug

(adj.): Used to describe a homosexual person who is considered annoying or aggravating
Homosexual guy(in girly voice): "Your hair is so pretty, Janette! I wish mine was as pretty as your's!"

Janette: "Thanks!"

Straight guy 1: "Dude, I hate hearing that homo talk."

Straight guy 2: "I know, man. He's so faggravating."
by The Original Taterbug July 02, 2009
(noun) The feeling of euphoria experienced after any amount, though usually intense amount, of laughter.
Numbness in the legs, arms, head, or any other area of the body may be an effect.
The effects are much like that experienced during and after an adrenaline rush.
After John heard that Obama was still in office, he laughed for ten minutes straight.
When he stood up, he fell over from his legs being numb from laughtershock.

BASEketball will give you laughtershock.
by The Original Taterbug August 12, 2009