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The term used when people have sex and often make babies due to extreme boredom. Small towns often have high levels of forniboredom.
Fallon, Nevada teens are struggling with forniboredom.
by The Original Smooth July 29, 2011
When one has had far beyond what one should drink in one night. Most commonly used among college students when referring to the most inebriated person at a party.
Damn, Cody was bizzlebonked last night!
by The Original Smooth July 29, 2011
Commonly used when friends are about to chug the rest of whatever they may be drinking at the time. Pound-town is a two step process. Step 1: everyone touches cups together (CHEERS!). Step 2: Everyone pounds the rest of their drink, resulting in a pound-town.
Cody: Alright guys lets pound-town!! (cheers, followed by a chug and an occasional disgusted face)
by The Original Smooth August 03, 2011

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