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Basically, a no-strings-attached sexual encounter. This could include a one-night-stand or the ultimate in sex-for-sport relationships: fuck buddies.
When I got home drunk the other night I was really horny and was able to have Sharmila come over for a low-maintenance jostle. Man, she can really suck cock.
by The Original Slim Bavis November 25, 2003
When anything starts off on a really good note, be it a movie series, musical career or relationship and ends horribly. Obviously, Star Wars Episodes 1-3 come to mind as does AMG's sophmore effort "Ballin' Outta Control." Seriously, who greenlights such horseshit. C'mon, "hold me like you did on Naboo." I said that shit to my girlfriend way back in '88.
Slim: It wasn't the break up that really sucked or the months of mourning and self loathing that took their toll.
Dr. Smith: Go on Slim, this is safe place.
Slim: Well, I guess, Doc, it was when I found out that my ex was now eating more pussy than me that my life George Lucasized.
by The Original Slim Bavis December 30, 2005
The act of adding another tire to both sides of the rear axle of any car (making it a dually). While this might not increase the towing capacity of most cars, it sure looks fucking cool. Also called "trailer-parking" or "white-trashing."
Cletus: "Hey, Brandine, we gotta move."
Brandine: " The only car we got is the IROC, how we 'sposed ta move the trailer."
Earl: "Hey, Cletus, ya outta put that Camaro a dually, y'all could sure trail that home 'a yours mighty far if that IROC were a dually!"
by The Original Slim Bavis December 09, 2003
Any person that adds a new definition to a word in urban dictionary that is the exact same as or is a close approximation of the definitions already there. This can also be a person that decides to give a thumbs up to the myriad un-original entries and definitions in UD while over-looking the genius creations of The Original Slim Bavis.
Slim: Yo, that guy is a complete jackass. He posted a definition of pink sock. The one right before it is the EXACT same.
Dan: What a douche.
Salty: A complete jackass. And, he liked "put it a dually" more than "chicken pants."
Dan: Complete jackass.
by The Original Slim Bavis December 23, 2008
A phrase to be implemented, usually from one bloke to another, when a man can overcome the suspect defenses of a witless woman and cajole her into coitus.
Shawn: "Hey man did you make any headway with that Potbelly cashier?"
Slim: "Headway? I totally banged her. It's rather hard for a deaf woman to hear an assassin coming."
by The Original Slim Bavis March 31, 2005
The extra, stretchy skin located on the elbows of thin or formerly overweight people. When the arm is straightened and the elbow skin pulled away from the arm, the dangling, flappy skin resembles the lips of the vagina (the labia). Hence the term, elbia.
"Damn!" Bones said aloud. "I can get drunk and play with my own elbia all night!"

"Oh, God! I think I'm going to be sick!" replied Mel.
by The Original Slim Bavis December 06, 2003
A medical malady where the sufferer constantly has feces nearly protruding from the anus. The poo has yet to be "pinched off" or broken away from the remainder of the turd still inside the rectum. Some call this condition "turtle heading" or simply "crowning" (a reference to the birth process). Much research has gone in to curing this terrible disease but as of now only symptoms can be treated. Such treatments include adult diapers, stool hardeners and stool softeners.
Crown's Disease can effect both undergarment and odor masking budgets for any and all sufferers.

Ultra Dan: Man, I hate those David Garrard commercials where he bitches about his Crohn's Disease. That ain't nothing. I got Crown's Disease.

Salty: That sucks, man, constantly touching cloth. What's your underwear budget for a year?
by The Original Slim Bavis January 08, 2009

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