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Early morning sexual encounter with a co-worker.

Can range from hardcore spank my ass sex on your bosses desk to copping the opportunistic feel of your desk mates ass while they are bent over under their desk plugging in their coffee warmer.
"While Harv was bent over under his desk this morning plugging in his new USB device, I walked right up and grabbed me a handful of teige! Yeah baby!"
by The Original Pez April 14, 2008
Extremely functional in an incredibly bad-ass and/or cool and hip way.
That program that Larry wrote is one motherfunctional piece of software!

Arlene's husband ran into the hot water heater AND fixed it all in the same day. That is one motherfunctional dude!
by The Original Pez April 04, 2008
A girl who likes it in the butt
"Dude! You never told me your ex-girlfriend is a back ho!", "Yeah man! ...wait, how do you know that!?"
by The Original Pez July 02, 2008
Yet another term for fake boobies.

...and by fake boobies, we mean unreal tatta's.
...and by unreal tatta's we mean counterfeit jugs.
...and by counterfeit jugs
"Who does she think she's fool'n with them glamour cans? Everyone knows them titties aint real!"

"Ever since Karen bought herself a perky new set of glamour cans, she's noticed that her popularity among the male staff members has skyrocketed."
by The Original Pez June 24, 2008
1. Changing direction or course wildly and without any fucking rhyme or reason.
"What's wrong with her? Dude who knows... her mood fuctuates so often, I don't even try to keep up."

note: Redneck dictionary usage ( typically after someone lets out a particularly nasty round of flatulence )
"Good Lord Bubba!! What the fuct-u-ate!??"
by The Original Pez May 13, 2008
A person who derives sexual pleasure from having intercourse with someone of the same sex only when that someone is themselves.

Singularly gay.

"Dude, where's Paul?", "He's having a UniGay Pride parade by himself in the bathroom."
by The Original Pez June 24, 2008

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