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The Trailerpark Skidmark is a visible mark worn(usually about the neck)by a male or a female to ward off unwanted suitors of the opposite sex (much like the wearing of a ring in more popular cultures). The Trailerpark Skidmark is not your usual hickey by any means. This mark is worn and displayed proudly by the wearer, bragged upon by the issuer, and admired by others in their culture. True love in this cultere is observed when both parties in the relationship are wearing the coveted TrailerPark Skidmark.
You will find this culture displayed mainly in the great white ghettos of america(trailerparks, hence the name).
Approach those wearing the Trailerpark Skidmark with caution. The wearer usually:
1. Is drunk
2. On meth
3. Just got fired from their midnight shift at the local Huddle House
4. Stressed out because their period is late and not sure who the father could be
5. Upset because their Mustang GT or Iroc Z-28 just broke down...again
6. Is "good and fired up" because their baby sister just got knocked up by a black guy
7. Just got into a fist fight with their dad
8. Is the model for White Trash in American Society
9. Is a highschool drop out
10. And finally...JUST DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK
1. "Damn Jimbo...look at the shitter on that critter! I wonder if she's got a man?"
"You know she does JD, check out that Trailerpark Skidmark."
by The Original Mr. Collins March 06, 2008

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