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One of the best friends you will ever meet. Kate is hilarious. She is completely random and will say whatever is on her mind whenever she wants. She doesn't care what you have to say about her, she'll just brush it away and go on with her life. She will always listen to what you have to say and always help you out no matter what is going on. Even if she hasn't gone through what you're experiencing, she will still give her best advice. Kate is by far the best girl you can ever become friends with.
Ian: Kate me and my girlfriend got into a fight...

Kate: Erm.. What happened to start it?

(The conversation continues on....)

Ian: Thanks Kate. I'll try and fix things with her :)

Kate: NP! 8)
by The Original Ian September 22, 2009
When you've gone out, bought, and consumed a lot of Taco Bell in one night.
Carter: I over bell'd last night. Yes, it's a new word.
by The Original Ian September 21, 2009
One of the best groups to talk to people on. It has a variety of users, ranging from the mentally insane to the mentally retarded. This group on Habbo USA has a bunch of people who will attack you at first, but after a while of you being there, they die off and you become "one of them."

Being a forumer makes you "cool" (that's what they claim.)
If you're a member of Habbo Hotel USA and you've never forumed once since you've joined Habbo, then I suggest you do it.

Most of the people on Forum are:
Natasha, Jake, Amanda, Dylan, Earl, Chris, Beckie, Courtney, Luis, Kathya, Luis (Yes there are two), Jesse, Travis and a few "forumfags" that are new-ish that I cbf getting to know.
People on Forum will tend to be ignorant and harass you out of nowhere at random times. If you're not careful, they'll also back stab you, so watch out who you become friends with.
(New forumer joins Habbo and joins the Habbo group Forum)

New forumer: Hey guys, I'm new, what's up?

Original forumers: GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

New forumer: What did I do..? :X

Original forumers: We don't like you, newfag.

(-3 days later-)

New-ish forumer: Hey guys, how's your day so far?

Original forumers: Pretty good, hbu?
by The Original Ian August 05, 2009

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