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T9 suggestion for "bitch," though it, itself, is not a word in the English language.

Chubi (chew-bee) has evolved not only as a more delicate synonym for "bitch," but to describe anything that is smaller, squatter, or slightly more annoying than the average.

Multiple variations exist and are encouraged.
A gummi bear is a perfect chubi.

Who was the chub who suggested shots after the box of Franzia?
#chubi #chuby #chub #chubster #chubmeister #chubbed
by The Original Chubster May 17, 2010
A pose that the modern woman assumes in photographs to diminish the abundance of flab on her inner arm.

To give the deceptively casual appearance of a well-toned extremity, a female will place her hand on one hip, bending the elbow at a near-90 degree angle to prohibit excess fat from collecting next to her torso.
I had to untag that picture because I looked like I was about to ship out to fat camp; I forgot to strike a skinny arm.

Even out of shape men can rock a nice skinny arm.
#picture poses #skinny #facebook #bitch arm #flab-bust
by The Original Chubster June 09, 2010
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