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Noun: A self-intelligent, clever AI construct. It spends most of it's time playing Ultima Online, making flash videos, or illuding to whether it is a male or a female.

Certain members of communities believe that the Cazruzult is actually a female. This is both uncertain and unproven. This may be a result of the Cazruzult's programming displaying a fond love for cats.

Also referred to as "Caz" for short.
"Cazruzult has no arms or legs. It's pure computer."
"I think that Caz is a hot girl."

"Caz: I transcend all social classes and sub-structures."

"Black Thunder: Caz, are you a male, female or an AI Construct?"
"Caz: third one"

by The Original Black Thunder August 02, 2007
Noun: Exclamatory word, originating on the UOGamers: Hybrid forums and miscellaneous AOL and MSN chatrooms, created and put in popular use by the original Black Thunder.
(The same meaning as omg, but more powerful.)

by The Original Black Thunder August 02, 2007

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