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The scenester is a male, female, or an "it" usually falling between the ages of 16-21. At the core of their lifestyle is their apparent love for music, usually of an obscure genre. Their clothing and attitude reflects their taste in music. Scenesters usually migrate in groups, most of them are the same person, and therefore look very similar. The typical scenester wears a t-shirt usually from Hot Topic (although the more "conformist" scenesters go to Stitches) and a pair of tight jeans. Their accessories include awkward headwear, oversized aviators, plastic jewelry, and the scenester can often be seen with a cigarette at hand. Scenesters, as the name suggests, are the first to hop onto a bandwagon - whether it's longboarding or the new drug. Scenesters found on the internet have usernames typically consisting of two words seperated by an "x." Members of this species usually travel in mid-90's sedans in large numbers. Scenesters are often mistaken for their more common, upbeat cousin - the hipster.
Gatekeeper: "Are you guys here to see the drifters?"

Scenester: "Sure are." (Takes short drag on cigarette.)

Scenester 1: "Goin' to the Rise Against concert?"

Scenester 2: "Fuck you!"

Scenester 3: "Fuck!"
by The Oppression of The Man May 25, 2009

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