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A plaid is an article of clothing worn over the left shoulder of a male and worn over the right shoulder of a female and comes from Gaelic ,plaide, "a blanket". Some plaids have a pattern of colours which is correctly referred to as a "tartan". Some plaids worn by the irish have solid colors, one of which is called the "Fringed Fly Plaid" which is saffron in colour, a shade of yellow.

Referring to a tartan, the design on some plaids, as "plaid" is like referring to a checked black and white pattern as a "table cloth" when all table clothes do not necessarily have a checked pattern and checked patterns can appear on skirts, sofas, floor tile and so on!
He's wearing a saffron plaid over his shoulder and is wearing a saffron kilt to match.
by The Only Highlander October 17, 2007
psycopath - psyco path
that stone and dirt walkway from the large house on the hill to the Bate's motel.
that psycopath is walking down the path to the motel again.
by the only highlander June 16, 2009
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