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A game usually played when bored or horny, the game involves naming who you would rather shag. The rules are as follows. Person A thinks up two people and says, for example 'Jess or Sophie'. Person B must then decide which person they would rather fuck and must then reply. The only way to get out of answering is if a member of the same sex is mentioned and you are not gay. If this is the case then the phrase 'I will never bone a man' or something similar must be said.
When playing the either / or game:

Person A: Naina or Fatema
Person B: hmmm .... Naina
Person A: Even if your nob is coated in shit?
Person B: ... No
by The Old Shaft November 14, 2007
A term used when you cannot determine which girl you would shag if the opportunity came up. Originating from the 'either / or game', in which person A gives the name of 2 people and person B says who they would fuck. Can be used in the forms 'jophie' or 'jophied'
Person A: Sophie or Jess
Person B: I don't know man, that's a tough one. I shall have to ponder this. .... DUDE I JUST DON'T KNOW!!

This is a bit of a jophie

I am jophied about those two hot girls
by The Old Shaft November 14, 2007

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