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3 definitions by The Ocho

The sworn enemy of the dutch
Just as it says on the top.
by The Ocho February 16, 2005
140 103
Pizp originated from the word pimp. Pizp means cool or awesome.
Oh man! That movie was so pizp!
by The Ocho November 24, 2004
6 4
1. An Alchoholic....To drink to excess.
2. Someone who snores so loud you can hear him over an Ipod.
3. Person who pees on the floor while wasted.
4. Stinks like shit
Phil was walking out of the bar stumbling and peeing on himself. Joe looked to Andrew and said, "Look at that Gerb, what a douche."
by The Ocho February 16, 2005
3 14