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The most awesome Pokemon ever. Originating from the cells of Mew, he was cloned, but when activated he quickly learneed his supposed purpose, grew angry, and destroyed the laboratory, killing many people. In essence, he is the only Pokemon cool enough to kill you, your friends, your family, and still be able to mix a refreshing drink out of your blood, and intestines.
Aw f***, it's Mewtwo! Everybody run!
by The Noid November 27, 2007
The greatest servant of Morgoth, a creation of Aulë, he went over to the darkness, and was corrupted. in the third age he became the Dark lord of Mordor, otherwise known as the Necromancer, and was destroyed when his ring was cast into mount doom. Is to be revived in the battle of Dagor Dagorath.
Sauron, the Dark Lord of Mordor, once known as Gorthaur the Cruel, taints the land with misery and woe.
by The Noid November 27, 2007
1.An Orc achieving the act of Orgasm. Can be used for both male and female. (Though, there isn't much of a difference.) Orc ejaculate is usually black, and contains the tortured souls of the living.

2.Can also be used as an insult.
"Oh my god, that Shelob makes me soooo hot!"
"Yeah, she made me Orcgasm!"

"Ugh, that guy looks like an Orcgasm."
by The Noid November 27, 2007
A demeaning term for a 6 year-old, or a 6th grader. Used with terms such as, annoying, irritating, etc.
"God, what an annoying Sixlet."
"Don't be mean, you were one too you know!"
by The Noid November 29, 2007

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