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New show on Fox reflecting some of the goverment's flaws, starring, Stan Smith, Franciene Smith, Steve Smith, Haley Smith, Klaus the Goldfish, and Rodger the Alien. Made by the creator of Family Guy
Rodger: Oh God I've got a bear claw up my ass

Stan: You be careful out there we are at terror alert orange, which means somthing might go down somewhere in someway at some point in time....so look sharp
by The Nochturnal Romainain September 05, 2004
Woman speak for, "You fucked up, I'm dumping your ass" Mostly used when they don't have a reason for breaking up.
Girl: "Lets just be friends"
Guy: "This is the third time this week......"
by The Nochturnal Romainain September 05, 2004
When you fart and crap yourself at the same time.
I tried to fart so badly I shit myself
by The Nochturnal Romainain September 04, 2004

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