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A girl, usually between the approximate ages of 19 and 30, of exceptional natural beauty, and who therefore causes 'wowsers in the trousers' of all men who lay eyes on her.

The male in this situation generally feels the desire for said lady to tease his weasel, possibly squeeze the weasel (depends what you're into), please his weasel, and if all goes well, make the weasel sneeze.

**Not to be confused with chocolate weasel teaser**
Dave: Whoah! Dude, this city is full of weasel-teasers; I love it!

Boris: Yeah man...daaaymn! See that girl over there? She could tease my weasel all day!
by The Noceros February 19, 2010
An adjective, usually used to describe a person of somewhat advanced years, who is disagreeable to deal with, but has excellent, provocative chat, or banter.
Dave: Saw Frank today in the supermarket. The miserable bugger's convinced we should house all homeless people in jail and let them eat the prisoners.

Boris: Yeah, he's a bantankerous old git, isn't he?!
by The Noceros February 20, 2010
A polite-society replacement for the typically British insult 'twat'; for use in situations where the original would be inappropriate, for example when speaking to the queen, or for when you don't wish the person being insulted to be immediately aware. May also be written and pronounced 'traat'.
Dave: You met that guy Jim?

Boris: Yeah, the bloke's a total trout.
by The Noceros February 15, 2010
A euphemism for the penis, particularly if the owner is keen on sneaking it into restricted or difficult-to-access places. It is generally hoped by the owner that the weasel will be attended to by a weasel-teaser
Dave: Dude, did you see the awesome chick Tim hooked up with last night?

Boris: Yeah man, that guy knows how to work his weasel!
by The Noceros February 19, 2010

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