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1. Of slowism during the day; hyperism at night time;
2. Medicine. A infectious disease that causes a person to have stinky toes, lazy, engage in nasty fantasies, become a LOL-aholic, act hyper…etc. (There are series of stages that will lead to the effects or breakdown of body nerves by Hangness.) ---- i.e. Bad jokes, short responses, and cute laughs
3. relates to Blackanesecia
4. will most likely suffer dreams of Will Smith naked or artist Mario singing naked
5. noun. a person who closes a memory of the past
6. Possible remedy is "pilut"

Scientific Description: This epidemic was discovered not to long ago by Hang Tran, a Proctologist at the Butt Institution of University of Santa Barbara. Hangness is a plague of which she carries herself. Dr. Nivek, her junior to-be-Proctologist volunteer, suggested that such symptoms as laziness, boredom, forgetfulness, daydreams, seeing dead people, and hyperness are serious warnings a beginning stage of infectious calculus in the mouth
OMG that girl has Hangness!!

“BOOO!!!” said the person with Hangness
by The Nivek March 28, 2005

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