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The hour of the day when it is appropriate to rape some fine bitches, as explained by Stans in the movie Predators.
Stans: 5 O'Clock? Damn. Time to go rape me some fiiiine bitches. Know what I'm sayin'?
Edwin: Oh yeah, totally. 5 O'Clock. Bitch raping time...
Stans: Mmm, yeah.
by The New Lizard King July 26, 2010
Randomly clicking on friends of friends until you get back to someone you know.
Joe: Instead of studying for the exam, I got plastered and played facebook roulette for 3 hours.
Jose: You're retarded.
by The New Lizard King December 16, 2009
So ridiculously retarded that it deserves its own word.
"Josh thinks America is a democracy."
"Man, that's ridicutarded."
by The New Lizard King September 08, 2009
1. When a jewish guy puts his giant jew nose in a woman's orifice and then twists her nipples while they both scream yiddish phrases like "mazel tov" and "shalom."

2. Same as above, but replace Jew nose with a menorah.
Sammie: Hey, Caitlin, how was your date with Mr. Goldstein last night?
Caitlin: It was the best lay EVER! He gave me the jew twist and a cleveland steamer!
Sammie: I'm going to go vomit now.
by The New Lizard King July 22, 2010
A group of mentally challenged individuals.
Pride is to lion as corky is to retard.
by The New Lizard King April 30, 2012

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