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A person (typically male) from the state of California who thinks that anything and everything that they do is far better than what anyone else does. Said person sleeps with many, many women and lies about it in order to make them appear to be a gentlemen and of course to keep the fear of contracting an STD to a minimum. This person usually has homosexual tendencies, but is too macho to admit to it. This said person has an ego that is much bigger than the rest of him and usually inspires an eye-roll from a crowd every time he enters a room. Not one for intelligence, this person is usually challenged when it comes to any task involving brain power. These people usually end up in a trailer park with four ex wives and 12 children.
"Oh em gee! Rob is such a tool! Let's throw rocks at him!"
by The Navy's Finest January 21, 2010
Adjective describing amazingly awesome sexual intercourse.
"So...how was it? Was it too rough or just right?" "It was BANNANG!"
by The Navy's Finest January 21, 2010

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